Meet the 2019 Camp Fi Team!

We have an incredible team lined up to make Camp Fi 2019 our best camp ever this September. Read all about them!

Bao Tohin_Ny Aina.jpg


I am known by my friends as Bao Tohin'Ny Aina, a 19 years old girl who likes volunteering and being involved in any social causes that may lead people to bettering. I am in second year college at Catholic University of Madagascar studying Social Sciences for development. Since CampFi 2018 was, in my opinion, really lit and helped me to process about a lot of things, taught me to see life differently and in a wider perception, gave me the opportunity to meet incredible people and mostly encourage some kids to be a better version of themselves, I hope to be able do redo all of this all over again when I still can.



I am a 21 years old ambivert girl whose the main purposes are to go places and see people in order to make my mind grow and to bring my contribution to make the Earth a better place to live. And I am actually excited for CampFi2019 because I am convinced that it is a way to connect with people that may have the same mindset as myself, or even better, people that have greater perspectives.



I'm Sedra. Third year student at Catholic University of Madagascar and I'm really exited about to share my smile, my knowledge and my contribution for the social development with my little brothers and all of us for the first time of my LIFE. Wow... I love reading, trekking, the long trips and all forms of the art. I do soccer, basket-ball, photography, drawing and I'm a enthusiast handyman.

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My name is Herizo, I'm 19, I'm from Madagascar, and I'm currently a second year student in macroeconomics at Catholic University of Madagascar, and CampFi2019 is a great opportunity for me to experiment my leadership, by helping my fellow citizens, and also to have fun with everybody there



I’m more excited now than when we started camp 3 years ago! Everyone has been working really hard to make CampFi2019 happen, and one thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing lives being changed. I’m excited for fun, self-discovery, initiatives, growth, tears and laughters. 

When I’m not thinking about camp, which rarely happens, I do kickboxing, hike, bike, read books, use myself as a research instrument and think about other innovative ways to bring development in my community and the overall country of Madagascar. 

CampFi2019! Bring it on!



Hi, my name is Jo Xizi. I’m currently studying clinical medicine in Shanghai and going to start masters of women’s health in London. Outside of medicine, I’m a capoeirista, a dancer with a focus on contemporary dance & improvisation and a feminist. I’m so excited for #CampFi2019, because I’m returning with a whole different self and perspective. I can’t wait to learn from everyone and do what I can to make this year’s camp nourishing for the participants.



I am so excited for the 3rd edition of Camp Fihavanana. Each year, I have the unique opportunity to work on a staff of incredible people who are dedicated to transformation, leadership, courage, and fun. I am blessed by the friends that I have made in Moramanga, with not only staff, but also community members and campers. Thank you to all of our supporters who have made each year possible!

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Being a Malagasy and having Madagascar as motherland are the reasons that have always motivated me in my life. Being raised within the scout association since my childhood, i am here to leave the world better than i found it and to share happiness because everyone deserve it. I am confident that Camp Fi 2019 is made for me because i know that we share the same vision and values. « Alive to serve » and « Be prepared » are one of my favorites phrases and have always guided me through my life to accomplish my mission. Moreover, i think that one of the ways to restore its values to Malagasy society, according to my experiences, is to teach the youth : to be devoted in good causes for society, to build up honest and loyal relationships, to be trustworthy and to serve without waiting in return, that is FIHAVANANA for me. So, proud of who i am because of what Madagascar gives to me, my turn has come to give back to my country and compatriots as a sign of thankfulness, the concept of FITIA MIFAMALY.



I am excited to join #CampFi2019 because I want to share my passion and to help other human beings through that.



Passionate and motivated...eager to share and make a change in someone's life!



I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. I currently work as an environmental engineer, and am passionate about leadership development, social impact, and travel.

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I’m a graphic designer from Lincoln, Nebraska. I love to make things with my hands, take photos and cook.

I can’t wait for Camp Fi 2019! Since embarking on this venture 4 years ago, I’ve grown to love Madagascar and the people who live there more than I ever thought possible. I’ve also grown to love adding Malagasy sakay to everything I eat.



I am a world-renowned full-time king of smoothies, full-time student. Ever since my first camp experience, I've known that my career lies with the power of kids. While camp is that magical place where kids can explore their most authentic selves, Camp Fihavanana takes it a step further -- Camp Fi is that magical place where kids can lead themselves to be everything they've ever wanted. And as a professional camper (AKA large child), I can't wait to see Camp Fi's magic at work!



I am a very talkative girl that really enjoy having fun and meeting new people. I like going on adventure and volunteering a lot. If I describe my life, 75 - 80 percent of my free time I devote it to volunteering. I find peace inside of me every time I help or giving my time to another person.


I am excited for CampFi2019 because I like being surrounded, I enjoy discovering new thing and new people, which has their own situation and story.


I am a Peace Corps volunteer originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. I love music, gardening, and adventure. I'm excited for #CampFi2019 because I really think this camp will make a difference in the lives of the young people who will attend!