How Do YOU Define Success?

This is the big question I have been asking myself as we are leading into the first week of camp. How do I define success? I have been fortunate to have a team to help me figure out the answer to this big question. One said that success means being happy. Another one said success means reaching your goal, which raised a follow up question: what if I did not reach my goal, but I still learned a life lesson through the process? Does that mean I failed? This is a tough one, isn’t it?

This question led to another definition of success: growth and learning through the process and or about each other.

Though you might have hoped to get a definite definition of the word success, I am sorry to tell you that I still don’t have an exact answer for you. As a team, we came to terms that the idea of success shifts through the journey. It depends on each and everyone’s journey and response to a situation. When something goes wrong, did we help each other? Or did we throw fit?

At Camp Fi, we hope to find and define success by taking our campers through the human levels of thinking. What happened? How did that make you feel? What’s the point? Now what?

I hope you can also ponder, define, and share your definition of success with us. How do you define success?