A Shout Out to Our Supporters

Preparing for Camp Fihavanana this summer has been a major learning experience. Just 2 years ago, this was only an idea on paper, but now, it’s actually happening this summer. We couldn’t have done any of this without the support we’ve received. Thank you to everyone who has donated their time, talents, financial supports, and prayers. Thank you for being so kind and giving, and for being agents of a social change to empower the youth of Madagascar!

Here are some thoughts from one of our donors on why he chose to donate to Camp Fihavanana.

By Didi Ramanana:

Camp Fihavanana is a project that relates to me so much. Before coming to the US, I used to be involved in a choir that travelled to remote parts of Madagascar to support the people spiritually. Although that experience was focused on religion, I think that the activities we led were similar to the ones Camp Fihavanana is about to do. As a Boy Scout in Madagascar, these activities resonated with me.

I was very excited when Jessica told me about Camp, because it reminded me of what I used to be involved in. I decided to get involved and donate because these kinds of projects are not very common in Madagascar, especially with the diversity of staff and activities that Camp Fihavanana has on hand. What really motivated me are the direction and the approach they used to tackle this project. The staff is made up of a lot of young volunteers with multiple backgrounds from different part of the world. They also propose activities that are new to the people of Madagascar, such as Lacrosse.

No matter where you are from, I encourage you to get involved in this project because it will empower the youth of Madagascar - a generation that needs this boost in opportunity. There are other international organizations that engage in similar projects in Madagascar, but I truly believe that Camp Fihavanana stands out because it is made up of young leaders, a young staff, and most importantly, a young mindset that truly understands the needs of the youth of Madagascar. I will continue to support them for their first camp that is happening very soon, and I hope to get even more involved in future camps that they plan to do.

A huge thanks to Didi for his kind words and ongoing support. If you would like to support us in our venture, Like us on Facebook and join in our crowdfunding campaign!