The Best Day of the Year

April 28 is my favorite day of the year. For one, it's my birthday, and I'm a birthday-celebrating fool. But April 28 also holds significance in the world of Camp Fihavanana. You could even call April 28 Camp Fihavanana's birthday. April 28, 2015 was the day we realized Camp Fihavanana, simply an idea and a dream up until that day, could actually, truly, really happen.

On April 28, 2015, Camp Fihavanana competed in the final round of the Resolution Project Social Venture Challenge and won our first grant, which has aided us in making serious plans in the organization and implementation of our future summer camps. This day was the turning point of "Maybe we'll plan a summer camp in Madagascar one day," to "We're creating a summer camp in Madagascar next year," and since then, we have hit the ground running.

This year, on April 28, 2016, I did not spend my day giving presentations and competing for grants, but instead editing budgets, filing paperwork and planning marketing collateral for our organization (Camp Fihavanana and I share a birthday, so it seemed fitting to spend the day together). 

I look forward to my birthday every year, and now I have one more reason to celebrate. April 28 was and continues to be a dawn shining bright over new opportunity and a reminder of dreams becoming reality.